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Vegetable Spiralizer History And Uses

Cutting vegetables with knife takes lot of time and unless you are an experience user, slicing vegetable with the shape we want can be extremely difficult. And to get spiral slices with uniform thickness is next to impossible with kitchen knife. But this can be easily achieved using spiral vegetable slicer, it saves lot of time and operating the slicer is very easy.
Vegetable Spiralizer

History of Vegetable Slicer

Vegetable slicers were first developed in 1970s, but they were not modernized enough to slice all vegetables in different shapes and thickness. These slicers were use to only cut vegetables with small diameter. In 1980s the vegetable slicers were improved to process vegetables with larger diameter up to 5 inches. In the later half of the mid 1980s slicing technology significantly improved in design and more advanced features were included, many automatic multi function vegetable slicers were developed. Vegetable slicers can be divided into two categories, horizontal and vertical type. This categorization depends upon on the principal shaft supported by the bearing, diameters of the slicer, singular blade or multi blade slicer.

The basic design of any vegetable slicer consists of material inlet system, outlet system and manual elevator system. The inlet system is simple to design its function is to get the vegetable or fruits inside the slicer for cutting. The cutting system consists of stainless steel or ceramic blade, blade rest, principal shaft and also a pair of pulleys. The motor which mainly operates on electric is used to transmit the power to the pulley and then to shaft, which rotates the blade in a circular movement. It slices the vegetable or fruits in a uniform thickness.
The outlet system is to make sure all the sliced vegetables come out, the baffle plate are generally larger than the opening of the outlet system, so that sliced vegetables drop accurately. The elevating system make the slices processed by the vegetable slicer have equal thickness, neat cut surface, more accurate and convenient to adjust the thickness.

Features You Should Look In Spiral Vegetable Slicer

Vegetable slicers should be easy to operate, convenient and safe to use and should also be durable with good stability. When buying a vegetable spiralizer or good quality mandoline slicer, you should look for the following features

  • Safety: A spiral vegetable slicer should be designed in a way that make it safe to operate. The slicer should automatically advance itself when slicing a vegetable so that the fingers does not come in contact with the blade.
  • Even thickness: Choose the vegetable slicer that slices vegetables in even thickness and shapes.
  • Slice quickly: They should slice the vegetable at great speed
  • Easy to use: Many slicers have too many functions, but operating them is difficult and needs lot of practice. Choose the one which you can hold comfortably and slice vegetable easily
  • Durable: Slicers should made up of good material that last long
  • Cheap: They should not be expensive and easily affordable
  • Shape and appearance: It should be simple and decent, occupy less space and easy to carry. They should be small enough to easily kept in kitchen cabinet
  • Easy to clean: Should have removable blade, so that it could be clean easily

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